Reckless aka Zipper

Whilst working on a case involving an escort girl, prosecutor Sam Ellis is intrigued and visits a website advertising girls for ‘services’.  He tries one out and develops a taste for it despite having a beautiful wife (Lena Headey) and a blossoming political career.  At the same time old school journalist Nigel Coaker (Ray Winstone) is doing a piece on Sam for his public image but he starts sniffing around and Sam’s other activities begin to emerge.

The FBI are investigating the escort agency Sam uses and it all starts to unravel and Ellis must use all his wits (and luck) to cover up his sordid other life.

Based around a real life case in the States where a political bigwig’s career was left in tatters due his love of ‘ladies of the night’, Reckless offers Patrick Wilson a chance to be something different than his nice guy persona from the Conjuring and Insidious films.  In fact he a right old dirty bugger and never goes with the same girl twice.

Reckless is an okay drama/thriller with a half decent storyline and a great cast including Shooter McGavin himself, Christopher McDonald.  I think more could have been done with Sam’s addiction apart from montages of ‘bunk-up’s’ in hotels but Wilson must have enjoyed his role as he got to handle a load of hot ladies.   It’s not too bad, and certainly not the worst film around.  In fact I can’t remember watching a film in quite a while where someone doesn’t actually die in it.

  • Starring Patrick Wilson  Richard Dreyfuss  Lena Headey  Ray Winstone
  • Director Mora Stephens
  • Distributor Arrow Films