Police Story: Lockdown

Made a couple of years ago, Police Story: Lockdown is similar in style and tone to 2004’s grittier New Police Story as it tells the story of tortured cop Wen trying to reconnect with his daughter.  It turns out that she is the girlfriend of a nightclub owner.  Wen goes to the nightclub and after finding her, they argue and before he knows it he’s waking up tied to a chair.

The club’s owner is a shady chap named Wu who has an axe to grind with Wen and some other hostages he now has in the club.  Wen eventually breaks free to hopefully save the day and thwart the evil plan of Wu.

I won’t go into any more plot points as I don’t wish to spoil this more ‘serious’ Jackie Chan picture.  It’s still got lots of action and fighting but it’s not as stunt filled as the crazy ‘Kevin Chan’ originals such as Supercop with Michelle Yeoh although there’s still plenty going on.  Jackie obviously knows he can’t go sliding down escalators now and jumping off buildings as he’s a now a man in his sixties. He is still however, ‘Jackie Chan’ if in a slightly diluted form which as per normal eclipses any of the so-called Hollywood action stars.  You only have to check out the trailer to realise it’s not some wishy washy ‘human drama’.  Wu is a good bad guy and has an interesting story to tell and the whole production wreaks of greatness.  Also, the films marks the first time Chan has played a mainland China policeman in a Police Story film.

All in all, a very entertaining cop film and like a fine wine Jackie ages well and is still as awesome as ever.

  • Starring Jackie Chan  Liu Ye  Jing Tian
  • Director Ding Sheng
  • Distributor  Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment