Extreme Rules 2016

Whilst not as ‘extreme’ as ECW, the annual PPV from WWE always manages to entertain with lots of gimmicky matches and enough violence to push that pesky PG rating.

Once again AJ Styles had his chance to dethrone WWE Poster Boy Roman Reigns in an extreme rules match.  You know there would be shenanigans abound and this match didn’t let us down.  My only gripe which is a general one lately that big ‘finishers’ such as The Styles Clash often get kicked out on by the big hero, in this case Reigns.  Nattie Neidhart fought Charlotte again for her Women’s title and the stipulation was no Ric Flair prowling around at ringside or Charlotte would forfeit the title.  This one had a cracking ending with an appearance of a new arrival from NXT.

The Fatal 4 Way match for Miz’s IC belt was excellent with Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Cesaro after his title.  Miz continues his ‘awesomeness’ recently along with his wife Maryse and both of them are a very entertaining booable duo.  The New Day fought The Vaudevillians, standard ‘New Day fun’ but I would like to see the ‘villains have the title someday.  Gallows and Anderson faced The Usos in a Tornado tag match, I don’t now if it’s me but The Usos seem to have lost a bit of momentum lately.  I reckon they’re terrific and need a bit of a resurgence.

I really feel for little Kalisto who had a face a revitalised Rusev for the US Championship.  Rusev is back on fire and ready to ‘crush’ everybody.  The Pre-show kick off match had Baron Corbin facing Dolph Ziggler in a no DQ match which is included as an ‘extra’.

However, I saved the best for last.  Chris Jericho taking on Dean Ambrose in an ‘asylum’ match which is basically a cage match with different objects to attack your opponent with.  I have read that some have said this match was a bit boring except for the finish (which was good).  I have to disagree, I reckon it was one of the most entertaining and funny matches for a long time.  Both wrestlers are outstanding with their respective characters and I am so glad a certain Mr. Ambrose is now champion (at time of writing).

All in all, a nice fun PPV and well worth your time.

  • Starring Big E  Dean Ambrose  Luke Gallows  Kevin Owens  The Miz
  • Distributor WWE/Fremantle