Jaws 3D

In 1983 Universal thought it would be a good time to resurrect a certain fish and capitalise on the 3D craze.  Many of you may recall a majority of the 3D films released during that short ‘craze’ were dreadful and the only real certainty any of these films would give you was a thumping headache due to the crappy cardboard glasses.  I remember seeing Jaws 3D at my local four screen Cannon and rather enjoying it, as I had seen the first two on the family Sanyo VCR.  Of course as years pass, your taste and appreciation of different films grow with you, so let’s see what I thought of Jaws 3D in 2016.

Set in the real Sea World Florida, a baby shark accidentally gets into the lagoon as it’s connected to the sea.  Unfortunately it dies and soon enough Mum turns up very pissed off.  Thankfully on hand at the park is Chief Brody’s son Mike (now played by Dennis Quaid) to save the day with his girlfriend who hangs out with real Shamu.  When Mrs. Jaws starts wreaking havoc, all sorts of things pop out of your screen such as teeth and severed limbs, cheesy but fun.

If you have ever been to Sea World lots of the locations will be familiar and director Joe Alves has roped in some old pro’s to support Quaid.  Oscar winning Louis Gossett, Jr. plays the park’s boss, Manimal himself Simon MacCorkindale turns up as well as The Long Good Friday’s P.H. Moriaty.  Oh yes not forgetting Marty McFly’s Mum Lea Thompson as a water skier.  On the blu-ray is the ‘flat’ version and also if you have the equipment the 3D version as well.  The 3D works bloody well if a little grainy but I would suspect that is down to the film stock used at the time of production.

As a film Jaws 3D is manure of the finest quality.  It’s really a bad B movie made on a Hollywood budget with some half decent actors or an 80’s version of Sharknado if you will.  Next up, was ‘The Revenge’ with Michael Caine but that’s another story.

  • Starring Dennis Quaid  Louis Gossett, Jr.  Bess Armstrong  John Putch
  • Director Joe Alves
  • Distributor Universal