Invasion USA

When a boat full of Cuban refugees are gunned down in cold blood by communist guerrillas posing as the US coastguard, the authorities are baffled.  They turn to retired CIA hard-ass Matt Hunter (Chuck Norris) for assistance but he declines as he is happy living in the Florida Everglades.  However, the chief bad guy, Rostov (played by one of cinema’s premier villains, Richard Lynch) orders Hunter’s execution.  After they destroy his house Hunter agrees to assist just in time, as an army of Latin American mercenaries land on a Florida beach and start blowing up neighbourhoods and killing civilians.  This prompts Hunter into action and he takes on the scum practically single handed as he hunts for Rostov.

Directed by The Prowler and Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter’s Joseph Zito with the genius of Tom Savini providing make up effects, Invasion USA is probably Chuck’s most violent, over the top and entertaining film ever.  Packed with fighting, shooting and shit getting blown up, it’s a Cannon Films’ greatest hits package with their number one guy.  Lynch as I said, is in top form as the sadistic Rostov and there are plenty of disposable extras just waiting to drop dead on command.

It’s cerrtainly a product of it’s time with the evil empire (Russia) trying to push communism onto to the free world (America).  Forget the politics for a moment and take in possibly one of the most enjoyable action films ever made.  Chuck never got any better than this, but if you look at his Cannon output, all of them are tremendous fun even the latter ones such as Hellbound and the under-rated Hero and the Terror.

A macho bullshit classic, throw in a great score by Maniac Cop’s Jay Chattaway (recycled for Bronson’s Assassination) and you have a film that gets better on repeated viewings.

  • Starring CHUCK NORRIS  Richard Lynch  Melissa Prophet
  • Director Joseph Zito
  • Distributor 88 Films