The Lesson

Fin is your typical 15 year old, an unfortunate product of a home life where he lost his Mum at an early age and his Father works abroad leaving him in the care of his older brother. His chavvy best mate is Joel enjoys winding up their English teacher Mr. Gale. and generally being a little git.  Fin is a misunderstood lad and you can tell he wants something much more than the bleak outlook he has to look forward to in life. His brother’s girlfriend lives with them and she tries her upmost to bond with Fin but you can tell he has feelings for her but wouldn’t act due to either awkwardness or some kind of misguided loyalty to his brother.

However all that changes one day when Fin and Joel are assaulted on their way home and wake up in a secluded workshop. Mr. Gale their teacher after years of grief from his pupils has snapped, ties them both up and is determined to give them a lesson they won’t forget.

When The Lesson first starts, you get the impression it’s some kind of bleak English film along the lines of something BBC2 or Channel 4 might knock out.  Of course when Mr. Gale loses the plot and gets his carpentry set out, the film shifts into something VERY different.

Directed by Ruth Platt, an acting veteran of TV shows such as Heartbeat and Holby City (and director of a couple of short films) makes her full length film debut and bloody hell what a debut. Tense and very dark, The Lesson is something that will make you feel a bit guilty about when you used to mess your teacher about at school.  Mr. Gale is played by Robert Hands who was in Eastenders last Christmas and has starred in loads of stuff from Casualty to Doctor Who.  He is magnificent as the deranged teacher and newcomer Evan Bendall does well as Fin.

I rather liked it and I cringed a couple of times so give it a bash (but not with Mr. Gale’s hammer) and you may like it too.

  • Starring Robert Hands   Evan Bendall   Rory Coltart  Tom Cox
  • Director Ruth Platt
  • Distributor Icon