Sacha Baron Cohen adds to his list of comic creations with Nobby Butcher, the boozy football hooligan from Grimsby who has been searching for his brother Sebastian for almost thirty years.  Seperated when they were children due to a family death, one of Nobby’s mates’ relatives discovers his brother is in London.  However, Sebastian is a MI6 secret agent who is actually on a mission.  Nobby being excited to see him cocks the mission up and both of them have to go on the run.  They travel to Grimsby hoping to lay low but with Nobby’s children, his missus (Rebel Wilson) and his all his mates down the pub celebrating the family reunion, it’s not long before a hit squad is after them.

The film is literally packed with familar faces including the likes of Ian McShane, Isla Fisher, Ricky Tomlinson, Johnny Vegas and Mark Strong as Sebastian.  There are well choreographed action sequences which you would expect seeing the film is directed by Louis Leterrier, the man who made a couple of Transporter movies.  Also, South Africa provides some nice locations which complement the rather silly plot well.

Grimsby got a bit of a pasting when it was released to cinemas earlier in the year whilst I feel it’s not quite up to the standards of Borat, Cohen has crafted a rather funny and at times sentimental film (only a little bit though).  The comedy is of the highest order of smut and crassness.  I can’t recall watching a film that is so over the top with it’s childish humour, which is right up my street.

It’s hilarious, gross, crude, surprisingly action packed and with jokes involving AIDS nothing is sacred for the piss to be taken out of it.  Definately not for everyone, but I certainly laughed a lot on this rather pleasant Sunday evening.

  • Starring Sacha Baron Cohen  Mark Strong  Penelope Cruz  Scott Adkins
  • Director Louis Leterrier
  • Distributor Sony