Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama

When three college friends decide to spy on a girls fraternity, they get a little bit more than they bargained for.  Spying through the sorority house window, two new ‘sisters’ have to go through an initiation ceremony which involves spanking and whipped cream.  Wanting to see more (and who wouldn’t?) they creep in and spy on the two new girls showering off the cream in an extended sequence designed solely to show scream queens Brinke Stevens and Michelle McClellen totally starkers.

Caught in the act they are forced to go and steal (with McClellan and Stevens) a trophy from the local bowling alley.  Suffice to say, they accidentally drop the trophy and all hell breaks loose as an ‘Imp’ is released.  With the sorority sisters turned into demons they have to get out alive aided by tough chick Spider who was in the process of robbing the place.

The film tips it’s hat to Porky’s style humour and old fashioned B movie exploitation with an electro pop 80’s soundtrack (it was made in 1986).  Some of the thespian skills on display aren’t of the Oscar winning calibre but everyone involved is obviously having a blast.  The Imp itself is a rubber puppet and whilst not exactly up to the standards of Gremlins, he has a strange kind of charm rather like Empire’s Ghoulies series.

The film has been remastered in widescreen and features commentaries, a sexy new 5.1 soundtrack and a ‘making of’ documentary.  This old favourite returns with a vengeance and is still as daft as it was when I watched it on the old Colourbox VHS release back in my youth.  What’s nice as well is 88 Films have included the original VHS cover on the reverse.

A nice travel back in time to an era of big hair, ample boobs on display and dopey plots.  Whilst it might not be to the tastes of today’s trendy hipsters, for old farts like me it’s great.

  • Starring Linnea Quigley  Andras Jones  George ‘Buck’ Flower  Brinke Stevens
  • Director David DeCoteau
  • Distributor 88 Films / Full Moon Features (US)