Clown Town

Not everyone is a fan of clowns especially a good friend of mine, whilst I find them a little sinister I think they are great fodder for horror movies if used well.  Of course Pennywise from IT comes to mind as do the Killer Klowns from Outer Space but this new film will certainly not make you a fan of the jovial face painted fellows.

Four friends are travelling across rural Ohio on route to a concert.  Whilst stopping at a diner one of them leaves her mobile phone there.  Upon discovering this, they call it and whoever found the phone tells them to meet him at the next town.  Of course this being a horror film, they soon learn to regret it as the guy who has the phone is no good samaritan.

The town is deserted but there are a few residents which unfortunately are a bunch of psychos who are wearing clown make-up.  They begin to menace the friends and one of them is captured and taken to their scary clown lair.  The remaining friends must track her down whilst avoiding the clowns who are extremely handy with the likes of a crowbar, axe and baseball bat.

Clown Town is one mean spirited slasher picture and is played completely straight.  The killers are no laughing matter and their make-up is very unnerving especially the long haired one who is simply gross.  It’s nice and violent with some gruesome deaths, which are over quick but incredibly cruel to the poor victims.  It’s got a likeable cast (apart from the clowns) and when a film has a  scene where a very attractive actress removes her bikini top and replaces it with a bra within two minutes, it’s immediately gets my attention.

A decent, well made and good looking horror film amongst all the crap which is out there and I highly recommend it.

  • Starring Brian Nagel  Lauren Elise  Andrew Staton  Katie Keene  David Greathouse
  • Director Tom Nagel
  • Distributor Matchbox Films