Living on a Razor’s Edge: The Scott Hall Story

A legend amongst 80’s and 90’s wrestling he started with the independents, rising through the ranks of the AWA and then onto WWE and WCW Scott Hall has cemented his legacy, but it’s not all been plain sailing.  Most wrestling fans will know him as ‘Razor Ramon’ in the WWF and under his real name when he left for WCW.  In the WWF he was part of the infamous Kliq and in WCW he was a founding member of the NWO, both hugely important factions critical to success at that time in their respective organisations.  Scott however had personal demons going back to when he was a bouncer at a strip club in Orlando and with the hard slog being on the road, he eventually turned to drugs and alcohol.

Scott admits in the very frank and personal interviews he gives on the documentary how low things got and how he is turning his life around.  He now strives to help up and coming wrestlers on their craft and nurtures the development of his son Cody who is also a wrestler.  What is clear is that although his life has been a struggle at times, he is greatly loved by his peers, family and friends.

The set apart from the documentary is jammed packed with matches from the entire career of Hall.  There are bouts from the AWA where he tagged with Curt Hennig. His battles in the WWF with Bret Hart and that famous ladder match from Wrestlemania X with Shaun Michaels.  Lots of NWO/WCW stuff and some great vignettes introducing Razor Ramon to TV audiences back in the day along with his debut match against a jobber.

Another cracking release from WWE who keep churning out quality releases time and time again.  An essential purchase for scholars of modern day wrestling, Chico.

  • Starring Scott Hall and his fantastic ‘tache  Diamond Dallas Page  Jake Roberts  Kevin Nash
  • Distributor Fremantle/WWE