Cabin Fever (2015)

Our film begins with five friends driving to what they hope will be a fun filled week at a cabin in the mountains.  Of course it doesn’t start well when they stop at the local hillbilly general store and meet the locals.  One of the group is a bit of a clown who is into his Call of Duty and GTA games, decides to bring a high powered rifle along.  That doesn’t end up being a great decision when he accidentally shoots some dude who lives in the woods.  Unfortunately for them the woodsman has a disease which rapidly eats away at his skin and he comes banging on their door that night asking for help.  Let’s just say it doesn’t end well for him.

This new version of Cabin Fever (produced by Eli Roth) follows the original very closely but changes little bits and pieces along the way.  The production values are first class with beautiful Oregon scenery used to it’s fullest complemented by great music and some fun performances especially from the rednecks.  There’s lots of ikky practical effects on display and for fans of the fairer sex, boobs as well.

If you check out the internet and some press releases, hardly anyone likes it.  In my humble opinion the remake of Cabin Fever is good disposable entertainment.  It won’t set the world alight rather like the average at best sequels to the original, but it’s a laugh, kept me interested and most importantly, the blood flows.

  • Starring Gage Golightly  Matthew Daddario  Samuel Davis  Louise Linton  and some terific rednecks
  • Director Travis Z
  • Distributor Arrow Films