Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

My knowledge of Jane Austen isn’t that great so apologies to any literary types out there, I know some of the characters and a couple of basic plotlines but generally that’s it I’m afraid.  I do know that Zombies didn’t feature in her stories so we have writer Seth Grahame-Smith to thank for his crossover novel from 2009.

The Bennet sisters are all attractive young women and their Mother has made it her mission to find suitable husbands.  Unfortunately England is in the middle of a zombie war and the girls have been schooled in combat to deal with the undead.  Mr. Bingley is a rather rich fellow who moves into the area and falls for one of the sisters.  His best friend is Mr. Darcy, a cold brash unfeeling dude who happens to be a serious ass kicker of the undead.  Courtship, betrayal and killing is the order of the day and Darcy begins to fall in love with Elizabeth another sister who appears to be promised to a man of the cloth.  She thinks Darcy is a serious tool but as in all good romances she starts to see the good side of this conflicted individual.

Soon enough the zombies get organised and a final battle is on for the future of jolly old England.

A bomb at the box office and with mixed reviews, the film comes to DVD and blu-ray with a soiled reputation.  It’s beautifully shot utilising the English countryside and has excellent production values.  It is not particulary gory but there is lots of zombie killing with plenty of decaptations.  Performance wise Downton Abbey’s Lily James is as stunning as she is deadly and Sam Riley makes a great mean and moody Darcy complete with ‘Matrix’ leather coat.  The film is completely stolen by Matt Smith playing Parson Collins.  Smith seems to have stepped in from a period Carry on film and is hilariously camp whenever he is on screen.

It’s an entertaining piece of hokum, perhaps not to everyone’s tastes (with the Jane Austen connection) but take it at face value and you’re rather enjoy it although it is rather daft.

  • Starring Lily James  Sam Riley  Douglas Booth  Charles Dance  Lena Headey
  • Director Burr Steers
  • Distributor Lionsgate