Enemy Mine

A war has been raging between humans and an alien race known as Dracs.  During one particular heated battle, a veteran human pilot Davidge and his Drac nemesis crash land on a planet.  Being mortal enemies, it is somewhat difficult to imagine the two of them having to bond in order to survive.  However they do and form a close friendship, unfortunately tragedy rears it’s ugly head…

Enemy Mine is a mid 1980’s sci-fi flick and had a troubled history.  The original director Richard Loncraine was replaced by Wolfgang Petersen after production began which inflated the already spiralling budget and matters weren’t helped when the film flopped big time on it’s theatrical release.  I can always remember it being one of those films that was always there in my local video shop back in the eighties on the CBS/Fox label in their big white box.  I saw it back then and remember it being something different and not just another ‘space’ film.  Whether or not I rated it back then I can’t recall, but I did pick it up on DVD at some point and rather enjoyed it.

Enemy Mine boasts nice production values and two outstanding performances from Dennis Quaid and Louis Gossett, JR.  and one of my favourite all-time character actors even pops up (Brion James) playing a nasty scavenger.  The film shows that opposites can find compromise and learn to live together peacefully as friends which is a really great timeless message.

Watching it again was a pleasant experience and if you haven’t seen it give it a go.

  • Starring Dennis Quaid  Louis Gossett, JR.  Bumper Robinson
  • Director Wolfgang Petersen
  • Distributor Eureka