Eric Bischoff: Sports Entertainment’s Most Controversial Figure

Followers of wrestling know the figure of one Eric Bischoff.  He was the man who made WCW the wrestling company that almost finished off Vince McMahon and a hated figure amongst some wresters and fans alike.  I must admit WCW in the UK was never close to the then WWF in terms of popularity but I followed it because of the interesting storylines and the fact that it was born out of the old NWA.

The documentary on the disc is told solely by Bischoff and is peppered with interviews with friends, family and co-workers.  Some of the wrestler’s interviews is archive footage as Dusty Rhodes is featured quite extensively, but Kevin Nash is also featured prominently as well as Chris Jericho.  It’s not just all about WCW and the NWO though, we get to know Bischoff’s beginnings in the wrestling industry via the AWA and also what he got up to prior to that.  It’s all done very professionally as you would expect and Eric is interviewed on his ranch and also in a local bar where we learn he has now has a brewing company.

Also on the set is the JBL Legends two part interview from the WWE Network which does cover familar territory, but I must admit to liking a good old fashioned sit down interview.  There’s loads of bits and bobs elsewhere including small story segments and plenty of footage from Nitro and Raw.

It’s a great package and a nice way of documenting a very big part of wrestling history.  Perhaps not for the Cenation (kids) but definately one for long time fans.  Just like Stone Cold hitting Vince with that bedpan, years later I still laugh when Eric get thrown in the garbage truck, bless him.

  • Starring Eric Bischoff  Hulk Hogan  Jason Hervey  Ted Turner  Chris Jericho
  • Distributor WWE / Fremantle