Footsoldier aka Survival Instinct

Stacey and Thom are a couple of friends travelling to Derbyshire’s Peak District from London to a wedding Stacey has been invited to. Whilst travelling down a country road not too far from their destination, Thom’s car overheats and breaks down. Stacey walks to a nearby garage to get some water as Thom tries to repair his prized (new’ish) car. Meanwhile, a Father and son are doing some illegal poaching of deer. The Father, a chap named Weaver is an old school hard man and ex-con who wants his son to not grow up soft.

Tragedy strikes and Weaver being a real horrible bastard has to clear up the mess that has been made and starts a pursuit of poor Stacey throughout the woods. Surprisingly Stacey is resourceful so she proves a real handful for the psychotic Weaver and finds her inner ‘Death Wish 3 Charlie Bronson’ at one point with a handy nail on a piece of wood to cause damage to his foot.

Footsoldier is a mean, lean, short and snappy chase thriller. Writer/Director Steve Lawson continues to torture poor actress Helen Crevel in his films (his last one had her up against a T-Rex) and the camerawork is top notch. I also liked the music score which suits the proceedings extremely well.

Overall, I was really impressed with Footsoldier and urge you to check it out. I had the great pleasure of seeing it on a screener (when it was known as ‘Survival Instinct’) just after Christmas and I shall be popping down the shops upon release to add it to my collection.

  • Starring Helen Crevil Andrew Coughlan Jay Sutherland Sam Smith
  • Director Steve Lawson
  • Distributor 88 Films / Creativ Studios