Wrestlemania 32

With a long list of injured superstars that included John Cena, Seth Rollins and Cesaro, this year’s Wrestlemania looked like it may struggle a little bit.  The ‘doom and gloom’ merchants were out in force saying that this event would be a disaster, but those clever people in Stamford did awfully well considering the pressure they were under.

The main event was always going to be Triple H, the champ taking on the man he keeps stitching up namely Roman Reigns.  Now the fans continued venom towards Reigns is a little unpleasant but probably no more than the abuse Cena gets.  It was a pretty good match with a predictable outcome but both men did well.  Shane McMahon’s return to the WWE to face The Undertaker was for ‘two old blokes’ a highly enjoyable affair with a killer ending.  Dean Ambrose took on Brock Lesnar in a street fight and there was a ladder match for the IC belt which had a stunning ending but was sadly ruined one day later.  The New Day took on The League of Nations in an average affair, thankfully saved by messrs Big E, Kofi and Xavier’s brilliant entrance.  Chris Jericho had another fight with AJ Styles (making his WM debut) and we had the Andre the Giant Battle Royale which had the rest of the roster turning up for their payday.  This one had a very surprising winner and one I rather like.  Of course I have saved the best to last, i.e. the Women’s Championship bout between Charlotte, Sasha and Becky Lynch.  This was easily my favourite match of the night and I must commend the WWE for letting the girls show what they can do.

As per usual there is loads of extras (more on blu-ray) which include the kick off matches and the Hall of Fame Ceremony.

Overall I really liked this year’s event, there was some great matches on the card, fantastic production values, Snoop Dog rapping for his cousin Sasha Banks and a great Hell in a Cell OMG moment.  Literally hours and hours of record breaking quality entertainment.

  • Starring Becky Lynch  Shane McMahon  Sasha Banks  Baron Corbin  AJ Styles
  • Distributor WWE / Fremantle