The Sand

It’s Spring Break and a crowd of college students have congregated at the beach to party.  In order so there can be no repercussions of any shenanigans, all mobile phones are collected up and thrown in the boot of a car (this will be a plot point later on).  At dawn some of the party goers awake and the beach is somewhat silent and deserted.  When one of the students who is conveniently topless (hooray!!) gets taken by something under the sand, they face a battle for survival.

Whatever is under the sand it is quick to strike and devours anyone who comes in contact with it.  This of course lets the film makers go to town with some ikky effects and the actual disappearing under the sand is done very well.  All out stereotypical characters are out in force, the annoying bint, nice guy, jock, boyfriend stealer and resourceful hot blonde.  However, the best character of all is Gilbert, the poor dude who passed out and was put in a trash can by his pals.  He provides most of the comedy for the film which is used sparingly, as the film is played reasonably straight.

The Sand is a real refreshing change from the bog standard creature pictures that seem to released every five minutes.  The tension is racked up when it has to be and you never quite know who’s going to fall victim next, which keeps you guessing.  For almost 90 minutes of fun at the beach, you really can’t go wrong it’s a little gem that must be appreciated and loved by all.

  • Starring Brooke Butler  Cleo Berry  Meagan Holder  Dean Geyer
  • Director Isaac Gabaeff
  • Distributor Icon