Based on the best selling children’s books of the same name, Goosebumps tells us the story of Zach a teenager who has moved to the small town of Madison.  When taking out the rubbish one evening he speaks to his next door neighbour Hannah but she is quickly called inside by her Father.  Zach is determined to find out the strange goings-on next door and gets his cowardly friend Champ to help him break into Hannah’s basement.  It turns out her Dad is R.L. Stine the author of the Goosebumps books, in which all the monsters in the stories are real and trapped inside the book’s manuscripts.  One of the manuscripts is accidentally opened and one of the monsters escapes which is the least of their problems as scary dummy Slappy who also escapes has plans on world domination.

The film is packed with excellent special effects, creative monsters and some genuinely funny comedy from Jack Black and his young cast.  Whilst Black is terrific as Stine, Ryan Lee virtually steals the show playing the ultimate chicken, Champ.  Constantly screaming and running away, he is totally endearing and even gets the girl.

Whilst some of the monsters could be a little much for younger sprogs, Goosebumps is a fantastic family film and thoughly kept me engrossed for all it’s running time.  It’s one of the best kids films I’ve seen in ages and totally suitable for adults as well.

Quite simply, brilliant stuff and you will be missing out if you don’t take in a viewing.

  • Starring Jack Black  Odeya Rush  Dyan Minette  Ryan Lee
  • Director Rob Letterman
  • Distributor Sony