The Boy

A young American woman Greta applies and gets a job looking after a couple’s young child in a secluded country house deep in the English countryside (but filmed in Canada).  Arriving at the house Greta meets the parents of the child who is named Brahms and is soon introduced to their ‘son’.  Brahms is actually a creepy looking porcelain doll who the parents, Mr. and Mrs. Heelshire treat like he is actually alive.  Greta is somewhat disturbed but as she is getting over a nasty break-up with her boyfriend she agrees to stay and look after the doll.

The Heelshires explain the boy’s care to Greta and they are soon away on their first holiday in years, but warn her to follow them to the letter.  Greta obviously doesn’t take this at all seriously, but soon enough weird things start happening and possessions start disappearing.  The local grocery delivery man tells her the story of how the real Brahms died years ago in a fire and his parents created the doll in his image.

The Boy got a bit of a critical hammering upon it’s cinema release which I think is unbelievably unfair as I think it is an effective, well acted and eerie thriller.  The doll is bloody horrible and The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan does a cracking job acting opposite a lump of porcelain.

It’s all good wholesome horror entertainment and anyone who disagrees with me, they can bugger off.

  • Starring Lauren Cohan  Rupert Evans  Jim Norton
  • Director William Brent Bell
  • Distributor Universal Pictures