The Suckling AKA Sewage Baby

A young woman has been committed to an asylum, she has babbled a tale about a creature killing everyone at the site of the local brothel.  The authorities have obviously locked her up, not believing her and the doctor who is in charge of her care tells an ‘intern’ the story of how she came to be there.

The local house of ‘ill repute’ is ran by Big Mama with a little help from ex Army hard ass Sherman and resident asshole Axel.  As a sideline, Big Mama does back street abortions and a young couple go there to sort their ‘problem’ out.  When the foetus is aborted and flushed down the toilet in a pretty distressing scene, you see it head into the sewers and come into contact with some toxic waste.  This mutates it, grows at a rapid rate and wants to find it’s mother.  Using the toilet, the pipes and inside the walls of the brothel, the mutant baby starts to pick off the whores and anyone else who gets in the way on it’s mission to find Mum.

This film is cheap, you can tell by some the appalling acting on display and the sound which is somewhat screechy.  The effects are suitably bloody and a bit amateurish, but fun never the less.  When the baby is full size, the ‘man in a suit effect’ is great and reminds me of an old fashioned 50/60’s monster movie.  Really this film is a monster movie with some crude comedy thrown in, however some of the unpleasant stuff around abortions might not sit well with some people.

It’s in all fairness bloody dreadful, but I found myself quite rivetted to see who was next to fall victim.  So you could file it under ‘enjoyable shite’,  it is what is and honestly quite a laugh with a killer ending.

  • Starring Frank Rivera  Marie Michaels  Janet Sovey
  • Director Francis Teri
  • Distributor 88 Films