After a road accident whilst travelling with her boyfriend Callum, a young woman January is confined to a wheelchair and has to return to her family home after a number of years away.  The accident has caused serious amnesia and January cannot remember why she is estranged from them.  She is greeted with open arms by her family but something doesn’t quite sit right and when Callum walks out on her after an argument she soon realises that not only are her family a bit odd but downright sinister.

Her Father Albert rules with an iron hand, her Mum is a shadow of a woman and wouldn’t say boo to a goose, her sister is simply weird and finally her brother is definitely a sandwich short of a picnic.  To top it all their butler Thomas seems to be harbouring a dark secret.

Estranged is quite a little treasure, it is impeccably acted with great turns from Amy Manson as January and James Lance playing her rather twisted and barmy brother.  However it is James Cosmo who you will recognise from Game of Thrones as her Dad who wins the acting honours.  He is quite terrifying as the bullying Father who has no issue using old fashioned punishment to keep his family in line.

The film has a nice atmospheric build up, the plot isn’t rushed and when it’s time to to get to the final act things get pretty tense.  It’s a movie that is rather different from a lot of stuff floating about these days, no slashers, no boobs just a damn good story, lovely.

  • Starring James Cosmo (very scary)  Amy Manson  Craig Conway
  • Director Adam Levins
  • Distributor Icon