Creepshow 2

After the success of the original Stephen King/George Romero collaboration in 1982 it was some five years (and a change in distributors) before the cinematic issue 2 of Creepshow came out.  Eager as ever to read the latest edition a young lad named Billy is greeted by a fine gentleman named ‘The Creep’ played by Tom Savini who gives him his copy of the comic and acts as our host for three new stories.

The first story is ‘Old Chief Wood’nhead which is about two eiderly married shopkeepers who are fighting to keep their business alive in a dying small town.  When tragedy strikes an old friend gets his bloody revenge.  This sequence features the late great George Kennedy and a terrific piece of special effects work for the wooden indian which stands outside their general store.

The middle story is ‘The Raft’ where two young couples travel to a deserted lake to smoke weed and ‘hang out’.  Unfortunately something rather gross is in the water and very hungry.  This is a rather silly but effective story with some nice gruesome effects and the actual thing in the lake is made up of bin bags, talk about low tech.

Our final story is ‘The Hitch-hiker’ where a nasty piece of work played by Lois ‘Dr. Goodhead’ Chiles accidentally runs over a hitch-hiker and basically does a ‘runner’ leaving the poor dude dead.  She’s then haunted and menaced by him (rightly so) in a series of atmospheric sequences.

Throughout the film The Creep keeps us entertained with his links and introductions to the stories all in animation which I reckon is rather effective and keeping in with the comic style.  It’s a nice piece of 80’s horror escapism and the release by 88 Films has some nice interviews with Romero and Savini as extras amongst trailers and behind the scenes footage.

Creepshow 2 never changed the landscape of horror entertainment then and it won’t now but it will keep you entertained for an hour and a half.  Can’t be fairer than that, I’ve always rated it since watching it upon it’s first release.

  • Starring George Kennedy  Lois Chiles  Dorothy Lamour  Tom Savini  Tom Wright
  • Director Michael Gornick
  • Distributor 88 Films