Black Mama White Mama

Arrow Video have once again visited the vast archives of MGM and brought to us this great piece of exploitation from the 1970’s featuring one that era’s icons Pam Grier.

Our story begins as a transportation bus are taking a bunch of women to a prison somewhere in Asia, well it was shot in the Philippines after all.  A motley crue leave the bus and are checked into the prison by the wardens and ordered to strip and have a shower.

Of course being an exploitation film we get topless women having a soapy shower, squirting each other with a hose and just for the hell of it, a pervy prison guard spies on them in a toilet cubicle through a peephole.  Not long after, a fight breaks out and Grier’s character of Lee and a blonde revolutionary called Karen get banged up in solitary confinement.  After being let out they’re shipped off to a more secure prison and en route they are attacked by Karen’s revolutionary buddies intent on rescuing her.  It all goes a bit ‘tits up’ and Lee and Karen flee into the jungle.  The army turn up, the two escapees steal the habits off a couple of nuns and make a break for it.  You then have a chase movie with plenty of female flesh on display, a pissed off pimp and the legendary Sid Haig playing, you guessed it Sid Haig all accompanied by a groovy score.

It’s definately one for fans of AIP exploitation and of course the stunning Ms. Grier, if this isn’t your bag it may be worth giving this one a miss.  I saw some years back and revisting it again was fun and it’s so un-PC it’s truly brilliant.

  • Starring Pam Grier  Sid Haig  Margaret Markov  Lynn Borden
  • Directed by Eddie Romero.
  • Distributor Arrow Video