Martyrs (2015)

Lucie is a youngster who at the beginning of the film has escaped from unknown captors.  She is taken to an orphanage and is befriended by a girl there called Anna.  Due to her experiences Lucie is one disturbed individual and is haunted by nightmares but she begins to ‘come around’ thanks to her friendship with Anna.

Ten years later Lucie believes she has tracked down the people who imprisoned her and brutally murders them.  Anna is shocked, but cannot comprehend with what is underneath the dead people’s house and what is going on down there.

Horror film scholars will certainly be familiar with the film’s plot as this is an English Language remake of the original French-Canadian film.  The original was incredibly brutal and whilst this film has a few nasty moments comparing it to the original I feel is like a PG to an 18.  The two main actresses Bellisario and Noble do pretty well as the leads but the rest of the cast are so woefully under-written some of them might as well not have turned up.  That’s not to say the film is worthless, it’s far from that.  It’s actually well made and shot, but really does nothing different from the original.

Fans of Pascal Laugier’s film should stay well clear but if you haven’t even seen the 2008 version or aren’t a fan of subtitles give it a go.  It isn’t great but at the end of the day it’s alright, but personally I think it should have been a bit more hardcore as it’s a bit light on the violence and blood considering the heritage.

  • Starring Troian Bellisario  Bailey Noble  Caitlin Carmichael
  • Directors Kevin and Michael Goetz
  • Distributor Altitude