Fall of the Krays

Starting with Reggie’s doomed marriage to Frances, Fall of the Krays chronicles the final couple of years of London’s most infamous hard-men before their fall from grace and subsequent imprisonment.  Since the previous film (Rise of the Krays) was released last year, Tom Hardy’s Legend was unleashed to critical (and popular) acclaim.  Hardy’s film was excellent and his dual performance was incredible, this two part low budget version produced in part by David ‘Dirty Mags’ Sullivan isn’t quite in the same league, but is no less entertaining.

With the latter part of The Kray’s story needed telling we look at the prison break out of George Mitchell along with the murders of Jack the Hat and George Cornell.  Ronnie is played in great panto villain style again by Simon Cotton who swears his way through the film and commits unpleasant acts of violence whenever he can.  Reggie’s marriage and Frances’ subsequent death is handled quite well, considering it’s pretty harrowing stuff.  There’s also plenty of back story given to various Kray associates which is quite different compared to previous screen versions and that is quite a refreshing outlook.

It’s not quite Legend or The Krays (with Gary and Martin Kemp) but with the first part, it’s makes a nice companion piece along with the countless documentaries available on the twins.  If you have the first, it’s a no brainer and both films have been packaged quite cheaply by Signature.  So sit back and watch some good old fashioned entertaining bloodshed.

  • Starring Simon Cotton  Kevin Leslie  Alexa Morden
  • Director Zackary Adler
  • Distributor Signature