Talk about a film starting with a bang, within a minute or two a young girl is abducted and bundled into a car.  We cut to a normal American family where the parents are going out to celebrate their anniversary and are waiting for their babysitter to turn up.  Their normal ‘sitter is unavailable so she has arranged for her best friend to step in, her name is Anna.  Anna seems nice enough and the parents go off to their meal.  That soon changes as Anna is not your normal babysitter and encourages the kids to literally ‘run riot’.  When she gets the four year old Christopher to feed the little girl Sally’s hamster to the oldest kid Jacob’s snake, her unpleasant intentions start to become apparent.

Jacob then discovers that Anna is not her real name as he finds her ID in her handbag.  Her real name is Emelie and she then turns really nasty.  The kids have to fight for their lives as Emelie becomes more unhinged as time goes on.

This is one damn fine thriller, acted faultlessly by the young cast and Sarah Bolger as Emelie is literally amazing as the psychotic young woman who wants a new ‘cubby’.  Don’t worry this will become clear as the film starts to wrap up.  Some scenes are very uncomfortable as Emelie behaves extremely inappropriately especially towards young Jacob.  It’s all very believable and quite frankly an outstanding piece of cinema.

Miss this one at your peril.

  • Starring Sarah Bolger  Joshua Rush  Thomas Bair  Carly Adams
  • Director Michael Thelin
  • Distributor Icon / Frightfest