Demonoid AKA Macabra

A businessman and his wife trying to prove to the locals that the mine in Mexico they are working on isn’t cursed stumble upon an ancient chamber whilst in one of the caverns which was used for devil worshipping.  Prior to that we saw some weirdos chop off the hand of a conveniently topless woman.  Unfortunately for them they also find the remains of a possessed hand and soon enough it digs it’s clutches into the hapless businessman.  He immediately runs away from his wife and eventually she tracks him down to Vegas where the hand has given him extraordinary luck.  A local hood kidnaps him and whilst he and his accomplice are murdered, he still manages to commit suicide in order to destroy the hand.  You would think that was the end, but that is just the beginning as the hand is determined to possess his wife and leaves a string of dead people in it’s wake.

Demonoid is one hell of a cracking B movie.  It may be 36 years old but for a low budget horror, it has decent production values, at times pretty good effects and a ‘name’ cast i.e. Samantha Eggar and Stuart Whitman.  Being a couple of old pros, they give it their awe comsidering it’s all very silly.  The film has a nice atmospheric score and Vinegar Syndrome must be thanked for rescuing the film from the dark days of video.   Also on the disc is the longer international cut with a different score, some added scenes and some violence removed in particular to the beginning and end.

I really enjoyed Demonoid, maybe it’s not to everyone’s tastes but it’s all rather fun and like I said a bit silly and pure escapism.

  • Starring Stuart Whitman  Samantha Eggar  Roy Jensen  Lew Saunders
  • Director Alfredo Zacarias
  • Distributor Vinegar Syndrome