WWE Royal Rumble 2016

This year’s Royal Rumble was a unique one, due to the Authority’s continued harassment of poor old Roman Reigns he had to defend his newly won WWE Championship in the actual Rumble itself.  You know the McMahons were going to stitch the poor lad up and they did so royally.  The result is now widely known (no thanks to the cover) so lets look at the PPV as a whole.

The card featured a Last Standing Match with Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens.  My favourites The New Day took on The Usos for the tag team gold with Kofi, Big E and Xavier becoming more entertaining than ever.  Alberto Del Rio put his US Championship on the line against Kalisto, I like Kalisto, he’s a good Mysterio replacement but I can’t understand what’s going on with Del Rio, he seems totally wasted as the brilliant heel that he is.  The Divas belt was defended by Charlotte with the Nature Boy prowling around the ring, where she took on Becky Lynch.  I shall leave it there as Becky is my favourite woman wrestler ever and I am totally biased towards the Lass Kicker.

The Rumble itself was pretty good although the ending could be seen a mile off.  There were some really good stand out performances with Chris Jericho proving he’s still got it.  There was also the debut of a certain AJ Styles who is already carving out a good career with the WWE as we speak.

The kick-off show match is included as an extra where a tag team fatal four way match was contested in which the winners would get an entry into the Rumble.  Finally we got to see the comedy legend and fine wrestler that is Damien Sandow for the first time in ages although he wasn’t around for long.

The Road to this year’s Wrestlemania started off pretty well although a lot of the WWE Universe appear to be unhappy with the rise of Roman Reigns, only time will tell on how things pan out.

  • Starring Becky Lynch  AJ Styles  Kevin Owens  Mark Henry  Big E
  • Distributor Fremantle/WWE