Beast Within AKA Uncaged

As a young boy Jack’s Father was brutally murdered and his Mother disappeared, he then was raised by relatives and just before his eighteenth birthday he gets a letter from his Uncle Mike inviting him to stay at his cabin in the country.  Jack along with cousin Brandon and very annoying best bud Turner travel to the cabin for the Winter break.  A few days pass and one morning Jack wakes up naked in the woods and has no idea how he got there.  Also, a local man has been butchered at the railway station by a ‘big bear’.  Jack soon learns that he has the family curse of being a werewolf and the complications surrounding this start.

His cousin Brandon is supportive and unfortunately there was a witness at the railway station whose husband is the local crime lord (well he has a gun, two henchmen and says Mutha F**ka a lot) and Jack gets mixed up with his shenanigans involving his wife who may have been playing away from home.

Beast Within is a strange movie, it can’t decide whether it’s a comedy with American Pie’esque dialogue or a horror movie.  It rips off An American Werewolf in London big time with the comical running naked parts and the transformation sequence.  It is quite amusing and entertaining when it gets going, but I have seen a lot better.  I prefer my werewolf movies a bit more hardcore such as The Howling but it isn’t too bad and not an entire waste of time.  I do like the creature design though as it’s ‘wolfman’ style and looks pretty cool.  The comic panels used to change scenes are very effective and a real nice touch to the overall film.

  • Starring Ben Getz  Zachary Weiner  Kyle Kirkpatrick  Gene Jones
  • Director Daniel Robbins
  • Distributor Matchbox Films