The Perfect Guy

Respected lobbyist Leah Vaughan has a great life, a good job, a beautiful home and a handsome boyfriend.  Unfortunately her boyfriend is unwilling to fully commit to their relationship so they part ways.  A couple of months later she meets a handsome IT expert called Carter, their relationship blossoms quickly and he is everything she wants in a man.  On the way back from visiting her Mum and Dad, a stranger admires Carter’s classic car when he is getting petrol.  However Carter thinks the poor dude is trying it on with Leah and beats him up.  Leah is scared and ends the relationship.  Carter isn’t willing to let go and starts to stalk her.

The Perfect Guy is your typical psycho boy/girlfriend type thriller, however this one has several advantages over the average Lifetime TV movie or straight to video tat.  It’s advantage is three very good central performances in particular Michael Ealy as Carter.  Ealy plays him as a nice cool chap and then turns him into a raving lunatic hell bent on revenge.  Ealy extends his psycho character from the final season of The Following and has definately corned the market as good looking nutters.

The film has also high production values and some nice moody photography, whilst not original it’s definately worth a watch and my Mum enjoyed immensely.

  • Starring Sanaa Lathan  Morris Chestnut  Michael Ealy
  • Director David M. Rosenthal
  • Distributor Sony