Peter Bower (Adrien Brody) is a psychiatrist mourning the loss of his daughter in a road accident, his old mentor Duncan Stewart offers him a postition of assessing possible psychiatric cases and as the film begins Peter is doing this.  Unfortunately the people he sees seem a little odd and when a young girl appears at his office unable to speak and then disappearing Peter begins to think he is losing his mind.

He begins to go through his list of clients supplied by Duncan and it appears all of them have been been dead for quite some time.  Peter then makes the connection with something that happened when he was a teenager and returns to his small home town to stay with his Father.

The film has a ‘Sixth Sense’ vibe about it and I must admit I was never quite taken by that film.  Backtrack however, I found pretty creepy and it has some nice plot twists.  It won’t take a genius to work out the ending but it’s engaging getting there and Adrien Brody turns in another good performance as you would expect for an actor of his calibre.

Well worth your time and effort as you can’t beat a ghost train movie if done well and this certainly is.

  • Starring Adrien Brody  Sam Neill  Robin McLeavy
  • Director Michael Petroni
  • Distributor Arrow Films