Paranormal Activity The Ghost Dimension

A young couple Ryan and Emily have moved into the house previously occupied by Katie and Kristi (from the previous films) they have a young daughter Leila who begins to talk to an imaginary friend called Toby, then a box of VHS tapes are found.  Ryan along with his brother decides to watch a couple and they soon discover the tapes document the earlier films and introduce us to new footage of a sinister man assisting Katie and Kristi get to grips with their ‘gift’ i.e. creepy shit and channelling their supernatural abilities.

Of course watching these tapes you know that something will soon start happening and before you can say ‘cool looking 3D’ the apparitions are flying around and the sound effects technicians are having a ball.  Found footage films are really beginning to grind my gears (thanks Peter Griffin) but I have always had a soft spot for the Paranormal Activity films.  Maybe it’s because they are cleverly linked together and well acted unlike some others of the genre, I don’t know.  However this chapter has a larger budget to accommodate the 3D effects and whilst the CGI used is a little hokey it all works pretty damn good.

The blu-ray also features an extended version and an alternative ending, along with the 3D presentation on a seperate disc.

It’s an enjoyable flick and there are some good jumpy moments.  Some critics have savaged it, it’s not The (original) Haunting obviously but like the others it’s entertaining whilst it lasts and the 3D adds something new.  Saying that if you didn’t like it’s predecessors I shouldn’t bother.

  • Starring Brit Shaw  Dan Gill  Ivy George  Chris J. Murray
  • Director Gregory Plotkin
  • Distributor Paramount