The Pack

The Wilson family farm and pet clinic is in serious financial trouble.  Although they are doing everything to keep their heads above water, the bank is on the verge of bankrupting them.  As well as that their livestock is getting killed off by what seems to be a pack of wild animals possibly dogs.  Two of their neighbours have been brutally attacked and it’s not long before the farm is under siege.

The Pack is a ‘mad dogs on the rampage’ picture and a fun one at that.  Real woofers are used whenever possible and if you look at the brief ‘making of’ on the DVD you can see them using animaltronic puppets rather similar to how Rick Baker created An American Werewolf in London.  There are some nice gory attacks and the sound effects guys go to town with some howling and growling dogs on the soundtrack backed up with a suitable music score.

The film doesn’t try to be anything else but a wild ride with scary dogs as the protagonists and the humans as their prey.  Good undemanding entertainment which is really a slasher picture with canines instead of a knife welding maniac.

  • Starring Jack Campbell  Katie Moore  Hamish Phillips  Anna-Lise Phillips
  • Director Nick Robertson
  • Distributor Arrow Films