Septic Man

Starting with one of the grossest toilet scenes in the history of motion pictures, Septic Man tells the story of Jack, a mild mannered sanitation engineer who is approached by a sinister looking Englishman to check out the sewer systems around his home town.  Collingwood in Canada is a nice community but has been evacuated due to contaminated water and the fact that people are dying because of it.

Jack’s pregnant wife leaves to stay with her Mother as Jack ventures into the sewers where he discovers dead bodies, weirdos living there and when he falls into the water, he slowly becomes a chap with a serious skin problem.

Septic Man is a body horror movie along the lines of Street Trash and Body Melt, the Aussie horror with Harold Bishop from Neighbours.  It’s unpleasant with copious amount of vomiting and although the plot is thin, it’s all put together with gusto by director Jesse Thomas Cook who made the horror wrestling film Monster Brawl.

It’s not the greatest horror in the world but I guarantee it’ll probably turn your stomach which is a recommendation in my eyes.

  • Starring Jason David Brown  Molly Dunsworth  Julian Richings
  • Director Jesse Thomas Cook
  • Distributor Sharp Teeth Films