Burial Ground aka Nights Of Terror and The Zombie Dead

A scientific researcher with possibly the best beard since Father Christmas unwittingly resurrects a curse which makes the dead come to life.  The dead quickly snack on the old fella and await their next meal.  They don’t have long to wait when a group of trendies turn up with one of their sons in tow.  The couples all get it on with some loving and soon enough they are menaced by the resurrected dead people.

These flesh eaters are possibly the slowest and inept walking dead in cinematic history.  Some of them do the ‘Romero zombie shuffle’ and others literally walk like they have shit themselves.  Even a few of them act like angry villagers brandishing various farming tools including a scythe.  It’s all very comical and I constantly chuckled away at the sheer lunacy of the film.  The creepy kid in tow (who is obviously dubbed into English by an adult) is without doubt a vile little specimen with an unnatural love towards his Mother.  Without giving away too much, thank god he gets bit as he is a horrible little bastard.

There is plenty of gore in the film and in all fairness considering the acting is woeful and not helped by the English dub, I found myself rather enchanted by it all.  The music score is completely bizarre with dramatic music one minute, then it switches to weird 80’s woo woo effects and finally an easy listening jazz score over the opening credits.

First rate crap of the highest order and a lot of fun.

  • Starring Karin Well  Anna Valente  Peter Bark
  • Director Andrea Bianchi
  • Distributor 88 Films