The Condemned 2

Will Tanner and his team of bounty hunters are on the trail of the notorious Cyrus Merrick, a chap who likes to pick homeless people off the street and watch them die all in the name of ‘sport’.  During the fight to detain Cyrus, he is killed by Tanner who gets probation and returns home leaving his old life behind him.

Unfortunately Cyrus’ chief henchman Raul has taken over the business and using the original film’s idea as a blueprint resurrects the game of ‘who dies next?’  As Tanner is responsible for the death of his boss, Raul sets up Will’s team to try and kill him in a deadly game of cat and mouse.  Cue lots of shooting, explosions and Randy Orton dropping F-bombs.

Veteran sequel director Roel Reine (who guided Orton in 12 Rounds 2) crafts a pretty darn good action film obviously made to a certain budget and maximises his pyrotechnics budget well.  Eric Roberts provide good support as Tanner’s Dad and for once isn’t a scumbag but the acting honours go to Steven Michael Quezada as Raul who hams it right up as the deeply unpleasant villain of the piece.

The WWE gets a lot of crap thrown at them for their studio output and although nowhere near as good as the Stone Cold/Vinnie Jones original, it’s relentless action, wafer thin plot and fighting provide good violent entertainment.

  • Starring Randy Orton  Eric Roberts  Wes Studi
  • Director Roel Reine
  • Distributor Lionsgate