Nina Forever

Holly is a trainee Paramedic who works part time in a supermarket.  Working along side her is a chap named Rob, she strikes up a relationship with Rob who is rather sad and withdrawn.  It soon escalates into an intimate one, but this is where a very serious obstacle for their affections crops up in the guise of Rob’s dead girlfriend.  You see Nina died in a car crash and when Holly and Rob ‘get it on’ Nina rises from the grave to generally annoy them.  Nina can’t accept Rob is trying to move on and Holly has to battle for Rob’s affections with a talking bloody corpse.

The film is incredibly well written and although ex-girlfriends rising from the grave isn’t a new concept, there is something very daring, funny and refreshing about this film.  The three leads are outstanding especially poor old Holly played by the relatively unknown Abigail Hardingham who really has her work cut out as she has to take on the very dead Nina who is determined she can’t have her man.

This film came right of the blue and I has no idea what to expect when watching it (although I know it did well at Frightfest).  What I found was very impressive and I can’t heap enough praise upon it.  Be warned there is a fair amount of nudey bits for the sensitive among you.

  • Starring Abigail Hardingham  Cian Barry  Fiona O’Shaughnessy  David Troughton
  • Directors Ben and Chris Blaine
  • Distributor Studiocanal