High School track star Fern Petersen is doing her very best to get her time down on her laps, so she can get into her dream college. One day she falls on the track and is attended by Robert, a dweeby type who was sat in the stands.  There is an instant attraction as he pops her shoulder back into place and they begin dating.  As the weeks goes by, Robert begins to get a little bit ‘too much’ as he constantly buys Fern presents and writes a song in her honour.  He then plans a big surprise one evening for her but is unfortunately killed in a tragic accident.

Robert comes back as a ‘love ghost’ as he is so smitten with Fern, he cannot cross over to the other side.  This causes all sorts of problems and Robert begins to go a bit mad when Fern makes it clear the relationship can’t work and she won’t kill herself to join him.

I must say I haven’t laughed so much at a horror comedy for quite some time.  The two main leads are simply terrific and although some of the supporting players aren’t exactly oscar calibre, the enthusiasm showed from the whole cast is great.  It’s got some nice gory make-up effects, a witty script and the annoying song Robert sings is quite sweet in a ‘stalker’ way.

Highly amusing entertainment and one you must seek out.

  • Starring Jennifer Laporte  Vincent Martella  Julia Aks  Alicia Monet Caldwell
  • Director Michael Steves
  • Distributor Matchbox Films