Daniel Bryan: Just say YES! YES! YES!

With the sad announcement that one of the best wrestlers in a very long time has had to retire, it makes perfect sense to have another look at this cracking set from WWE.

With his book released, WWE last year have released a box set of matches worthy of the best wrestler they have on their roster.  Unfortunately at time of writing, Bryan has been sidelined with an injury but this compilation will more than keep you busy until his eventual return.

Disc 1 is the Wrestlemania documentary where Daniel is followed by cameras preparing for that ‘moment’ when he won the championship in the triple threat match with Orton and Batista.  He is extensively interviewed along with his wife, Brie and there is also contributions from the likes of Seth Rollins amongst others.

On the other discs (even more on blu-ray) there are a huge selection of matches including ones from his first try out at WWE under his real name Bryan Danielson.  His NXT days and subsequent firing is covered and my favourite thing he has done is ‘Team Hell No’ with Kane.  I’ve said this a thousand times I reckon this is one of WWE’s funniest ever storylines and on the blu-ray we get that priceless Anger Management class.

Once again WWE have done one of their guys proud.  Do you buy it?  YES! YES! YES! (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

  • Starring Daniel Bryan  Kane  Brie Bella  William Regal
  • Distributor WWE/Fremantle