The Walk

You may know this story which was covered in an excellent documentary called ‘Man on Wire’.  It told how a street performer walked across a high wire between New York’s Twin Towers at the World Trade Center.

Philippe is an accomplished high wire act and juggler who has been taught the tricks of the trade by a veteran circus guy played by Ben Kingsley.  Whilst at the dentist he spots a magazine of the Twin Towers and becomes obsessed with the idea of walking between the them on a wire.  He is aided by his girlfriend and buddies as they plot to pull it off.

Travelling to New York, the plan begins to take shape and eventually three hours late, Philippe starts his ‘walk’.  Of course it doesn’t go quite to plan as watchers below on the street view him trying to be coaxed back in by the police.  Philippe even begins to showboat before finally coming back into the arms of the law.

Even though you know the outcome, the film has plenty of tension and the 3D works rather well.  As someone who has been at the very top of the Trade Center prior to 9/11 the photography is completely spot on showing the sheer height of the massive structures.  I found the beginning a bit boring and tedious but as soon as they headed to NY and the actual planning and walk, I found it very engaging.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a good Philippe on screen and as the film’s narrator, but his French accent comes off in my opinion a little bit ‘allo ‘allo for my taste.

Nice to see Robert Zemeckis making proper films again and not his motion captured stuff.  Not amazing but definately watchable.

  • Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt  Charlotte LeBon  Ben Kingsley
  • Director Robert Zemeckis
  • Distributor Sony