The Blood Harvest

There is a serial killer at large in Northern Ireland and veteran piss head copper Jack Chaplin is on the case.  Jack has an open mind regarding the murders which doesn’t play well with his superiors.  Listening to his somewhat ‘out there’ theories Jack’s boss has enough and he is fired from the force.  His partner Hatcher takes over but keeps Jack in the loop by giving him information.

The killings continue and Chaplin thinks he might know where the killer’s lair is, he leaves a message with Hatcher’s new partner who doesn’t feed it back and Jack goes to a remote farm on his own with no back up.

The Blood Harvest is a tad violent with the opening murder being particulary brutal and gory.  The make-up effects range from pretty good to ‘joke shop’ variety and the blood runs in rivers especially when the murder tools come out.  Acting wise, it’s a bit all over the place but the killer(s) are suitably deranged and quite funny.  For a film made for about ten grand, the producers have done pretty well as the final act is quite bonkers and a bit of a surprise.

Not for everyone as it can be a bit gross and sadistic, but if no budget horror is your thing give it a go.

  • Starring Robert Render  Jean-Paul Van der Velde  Liam Rowan
  • Director George Clarke
  • Distributor Left Films