Set against the background of New York’s homeless community, actor Paul Bettany’s directorial debut tells us the story of illegal immigrant Tahir and heroin addict Hannah.

They meet when Tahir recognises his track suit coat Hannah has (some of his possessions were stolen at the beginning of the film) the unlikely pair strike up a strong bond and friendship as they struggle to live on the streets.  As time goes by both of them learn more about each other and begin to fall in love.  The odds are stacked against them as Winter approaches as they constantly battle to find a bed for the night.

The director has roped in his wife Jennifer Connelly to play Hannah who we all know is an Oscar winning thespian and his buddy Anthony (Falcon in The Avengers) Mackie to portray Tahir.  Both of them act their socks off in a film which is deeply moving, graphic at times and incredibly well written and directed.  There have been mixed reviews for the film and to be fair the subject matter isn’t somethimg I would generally bother with.  However, I found it deeply affecting and can’t recommend highly enough, so I have no idea what film these critics were watching.

It’s a bit bleak but don’t that let that put you off, it really is quite a wonderful film.

  • Starring Jennifer Connelly  Anthony Mackie  Bruce Altman  Amy Hargreaves
  • Director Paul Bettany
  • Distributor Arrow Films