Mr. Majestyk

Vince Majestyk is a divorced ex-Vietnam vet who owns a small melon farm.  Now the crop is ready and Majestyk gets together a picking crew but is thwarted by local dirtbags trying to muscle in with their own pickers.  Seeing that Mr. Majestyk is played by Charles Bronson, he takes no crap and gives the ring leader a bit of a pasting.  Arrested by the local police and shipped off to jail he becomes caught up in a break-out by nasty hitman Frank Renda, a man just as frightening as his moustache.

All Vince wants to do is get his melons picked, look after his workers and make a nice profit.  Of course when his attempted double cross with Frank goes wrong he has to fight for his life with the hitman on the rampage with his assorted goons.

Mr. Majestyk is old school Charlie Bronson escapism, who is possibly the hardest man ever in movies.  Brooding, menacing and cool as hell Charlie cracks heads and get out his handy shotgun to sort out the bad guys.  Packed with action including a really great car chase which was obviously done for real due to the films vintage (1974) no CGI here. The film is awesomely entertaining and proves no one can hold a candle to the man who would in the same year become Paul Kersey.

  • Starring Charles Bronson  Al Lettieri  Lee Purcell  Linda Cristal
  • Director Richard Fleischer
  • Distributor Signal One Entertainment