Bloody Moon

Back in the days of the slasher era, good old Jesus Franco (Vampyros Lesbos) knocked out his version in which there was a killer loose at a Language School in the Costa Del Sol.  Of course this school has the usual amount of attractive babes who wear very little and have no issues sleeping with the local hunks.

Of course as in all good slashers we have a back story in which a young man named Miguel stabs a girl to death and spends five years in the looney bin.  Miguel gets released into the care of his sister who he has a very CLOSE relationship with and his rich Aunt.  Miguel spends his time hiding in the bushes letching over the students and wandering around the school at night.  One of the students Angela starts losing the plot where she is convinced someone is stalking her and then the bodies start piling up…

The film is packed with red herrings, Franco’s beloved zooming camera, blood and boobs, so what’s not to love?  Also, we have a whacked out barmy synth soundtrack complete with scary disco tunes.  This adds to the bonkers nature of the film and makes it even more enjoyable.

The film also features some of the most annoying bints ever seen on film and it’s wonderful when they get killed in gross ways.  For a film that was banned as a video nasty, it isn’t particulary troublesome especially the bargain basement special effects but as a ‘time capsule’ from the early 80’s it’s awfully fun.  However, the younger generation probably won’t ‘get it’ but old farts who remember the nasty days will no doubt get a kick out of it.  Well done Jess, you’re solely missed.

  • Starring Olivia Pascal  Christoph Moosbrugger  Alexander Waechter
  • Director Jesus Franco
  • Distributor Severin Films