12 Rounds 3: Lockdown

John Shaw is a narcotics cop on medical leave due to his partner being shot and killed in the line of duty.  When Shaw returns back to his job seven months after the shooting, his colleagues aren’t exactly pleased as they blame him.  His ex-partner from a few years back Burke is dirty and has been running a drugs scam with a dealer who he has now murdered.  Unfortunately the dead man was a smart chap who put all his dodgy deals on a flash drive and now Shaw is in possession of it due to a rookie telling him it was in the evidence locker.

Burke and his cronies aren’t happy and get the police station put in ‘Lockdown’ (hence the title) and attempt to hunt Shaw and get rid of the vital evidence.  What we get now is plenty of gunfights and fighting with our lone hero taking on the scumbags.  Basically it’s ‘Die Hard’ in a police station and whilst it hasn’t got an original bone in it’s body, it is very entertaining in a dumb action movie kind of way.

In his first ever acting role ‘The Lunatic Fringe’ WWE wrestler Dean Ambrose does a fine job looking mean, cracking heads and shooting people.  The film doesn’t stretch anyone’s thespian skills, but it’s well made by British director Stephen Reynolds who made the great Danny Dyer bloodbath ‘Vendetta’.

Another fun enjoyable macho bullshit movie from the WWE, I wonder what ‘The Condemned 2’ will be like?

  • Starring Dean Ambrose  Sarah Smyth  Roger Cross  Lochlyn Munro
  • Director Stephen Reynolds
  • Distributor Lionsgate