Demons 2

Sally is having a birthday party and all her friends have arrived with their big hair, rolled-up sleeves and shoulder pads (it is the 80’s).  Unfortunately Sally is a highly strung individual and is freaking out over her choice of dress and the fact that an ex-boyfriend is en route to her party.  At the same time, a cheesy horror movie is being shown on TV and Sally becomes fascinated with it.   This is a decision she will soon regret as one of the creatures from the film climbs out of her TV videodrome style.

After the original was a big success, director Lamberto Bava and his producing team including Dario Argento returned to the world of Demons a year later for this follow-up.  Taking place entirely in a modern apartment block on shutdown, the demons run riot as they attack and turn whoever they come into contact with.  Filled with loads of icky effects, the film has plenty of gross out moments and from the first demon attack it is totally relentless with the carnage until the film’s climax.

Returning from the original film as a different character, genre fave Bobby Rhodes plays a hard ass gym instructor taking charge of the resident’s fightback against the demons.  All of this is set to a pounding soundtrack and great sound effects.  A good friend of mine described the original as ‘bat shit crazy’ and this is just as mad.  It’s perfect beer and pizza entertainment where no one is safe, kids, dogs and a mum-to-be.

  • Starring Bobby Rhodes  David Knight  Asia Argento  Nancy Brilli
  • Director Lamberto Bava
  • Distributor Arrow Video