The Bad Education Movie

Spun off from his popular BBC show, comedian Jack Whitehall’s teacher Alfie Whickers hits the big screen (DVD) in a much grander adventure the show ever had.  Kicking off with a trip to Amsterdam, he manages to steal an Anne Frank dummy after getting high on mushrooms.  A year later, Class K have taken their GCSE’s and are about to leave school so Alfie wants to take them to Las Vegas but the school budget can only stretch to Cornwall.

Alfie gets wind that one of his ex-school pals is having a party and plans one long piss-up with his class.  It all falls apart when one of the parents insists on chaperoning them and teaching them the wonders of Cornwall.  Now throw in a silly plot involving a would-be revolution of disgruntled Cornishmen sprinkled with very crude humour and you have an immensely entertaining hour and half.

Whitehall excels as Alfie, the teacher we all wish we would have had, but acting honours goes to Iain Glen as Pasco the demented Cornish Revolutionary.  Never in a film have I seen someone sexually assault a swan which is obviously a first and easily the funniest moment in a film full of very funny moments.

Well worth watching if you like the TV series and even if you’ll unfamiliar with the show you can still enjoy it.  Of course if you’ll Cornish you might be upset by the portrayal of them as ‘OOO ARR!!’ half-wits, personally I suggest you get a life and enjoy a real good laugh.  It’s only a film and in parts quite clever and satirical.

  • Starring Jack Whitehall  Harry Enfield  Iain Glen  Steve Spiers
  • Director Elliot Hegarty
  • Distributor Entertainment in Video