Owen: Hart of Gold

This DVD set has certainly been a long time coming.  There is no need to go into the reasons behind the delay for this tribute to one of the greatest wrestlers of the 90’s and arguably the modern era so let’s just celebrate the genius that was Owen Hart.

As per usual WWE have put together a nice documentary telling you the story of Owen with plenty of input from his family and friends.  We touch upon his love of practical jokes and everyone interviewed does not have a bad word to say about the Rocket (or Blue Blazer).  Obviously Bret Hart has plenty to say about the little brother he adored not only as family but as a fellow wrestler, Nattie Neidhart and Tyson Kidd also tell us what it was like being around him as at the time they were just kids.  His passing is mentioned at that fateful PPV, but like I said this is a celebration of Owen and a bloody good one.

The rest of the package is jammed pack with stacks of matches covering Owen’s career from his early days, his brief stay in WCW and then onto his run back in the old WWF with particular attention to his rivalary with Bret.  There are also the tributes from his peers from the RAW show after the night he died and a couple of exclusive blu-ray matches.

The stories told on the doc and elsewhere seperately are priceless and cements Owen as a true wrestling legend.  Whether or not he enters the Hall of Fame someday is a conversation for another time, but this is a truly FANTASTIC release and a credit to his legacy.

  • Starring Owen Hart  Davey Boy Smith  Jim Neidhart  Chris Jericho  Jim Ross
  • Distributor WWE/Fremantle