A Christmas Horror Story

A small American town is host to a selection of Christmas stories book ended by the resident radio DJ played by William Shatner. Unlike other anthology movies this film moves from story to story and aren’t standalone episodes such as the recent Tales of Halloween or the Amicus classics.

The movie kicks off with Santa having some issues at the North Pole and throughout the film we go back to see how he’s getting on with his ‘elf problem’.  The other stories feature a greedy Father who wants to fleece some cash from an eiderly relative and drags his family along, however they enrage a Christmas demon, Krampus.  In another story, a policeman chops down a Christmas tree in the forest and his son isn’t quite the same again.  Finally, three teenagers break into a school which was the scene of a murder a year before and boy, do they regret it.  All the stories are related slightly and are all equally entertaining.  Shatner’s scenes are brief but funny and the ending of the film is really rather clever and unexpected.

All in all, A Christmas Horror Story is one hell of a fun way to spend 90 minutes.  It’s gory, the make-up effects are excellent, the performances from the cast are good especially the elves and it is very funny in parts.  Give it a watch in this festive season, you won’t regret it.

  • Starring William Shatner  George Buza  Rob Archer  Shannon Kook
  • Directors Steven Hoban  Grant Harvey  Brett Sullivan
  • Distributor Entertainment One