Night of Champions 2015

Held in Houston, Texas (home of Booker T.) Night of Champions is the one PPV that is guaranteed to have a title match for every belt in the WWE.

After the pre-show match of Neville and the Lucha Dragons against Stardust and The Ascension (DVD extra as per normal) we had our first match of Kevin Owens taking on former champ Ryback for the IC strap.  Next up was the on-going saga of Dolph Ziggler and Rusev.  Of course this painful angle is now ended thanks to the real engagement of Rusev and Lana, both wrestlers deserve so much better than some dopey soap storyline.  I want Rusev back as a nasty ass kicking machine not a Bulgarian Playboy.  Tag Champions The New Day had to fight the returning Dudley Boyz next.  Whilst the Dudleys are elder statesman in the ring now, they can still go for it and it was a fun match obviously heightened by the involvement of the champs who are now easily the best tag team in years.

Charlotte fought Nikki Bella next for the Divas Championship where Nikki who had just passed AJ Lee’s title reign (whatever, and totally undeserved) was beaten finally.  Sorry about the spoiler but I can’t stand Team Bella and was ecstatic about this.  The Wyatt Family (Bray, Luke and Braun Strowman) fought Reigns and Ambrose again, but this time they would have a mystery partner.

Finally, Seth Rollins had to defend both his titles straight after one another.  First up was his US title against former champ Cena. Pretty obvious how that would end up.  Finally his WWE title was against bona fide legend Sting.  One could argue that taking on a man who is the best part of thirty years older than you would do you no favours, but Rollins and Sting put up a pretty good match until poor old Sting got injured and it was ended quickly.  Get well soon Steve!!

NoC 2015 wasn’t too bad at all and there are a couple more matches on the blu-ray with some other bits and bobs.  The DVD has the kick-off show match and a Dudley Boyz segment.  Next year though I think WWE should include an NXT title match as well instead of a some silly ‘filler’ matches.  The Reigns/Wyatt feud was getting boring and as above, Ziggler/Rusev was just painful.

  • Starring Becky Lynch  Luke Harper  Xavier Woods  Michael Cole  Stardust
  • Distributor WWE/Fremantle